Welcome to my website.

It all starts with you, my reader, and your wonderful brain. Synapses are firing. Optical receptors sort data. Pixels become letters. Words become sentences. Then chunks of text grow into dangerous things:


I'm a writer who enjoys testing the boundaries of what can be known. And stories, like websites, contain one prime element that is essentially the same: They are an illusion.

Happy reading!

Jess Flarity lives in the woods near Mt. Rainier with a herd of elk. When not writing weird science fiction, he teaches at a local public school and works for his MFA's student-run journal, Stonecoast Review.

  1. Stonecoast MFA Program - Graduation Date, Summer 2018
  2. Stonecoast Review - Managing Editor
  3. Speculative Fiction Writers of South King County - Founder and Organizer
  4. North Seattle SciFi and Fantasy Writers - Member since 2012